Jacks or Better Multi-Hand – Fast-Paced Poker Online Casino Games


If there is one frustration for online poker players it is that sometimes playing the traditional games in online poker rooms can be somewhat slow in pace. Players taking an age to decide their next bet, or not even being present to make the bet can turn even an enjoyable game into something of a battle against time. Now though, there is an alternative in one of the fastest-paced online casino games you will find, Jacks or Better Multi-Hand.

The premise of this poker variant, just like other online casino games of video poker, is to wager some money on getting the best hand. In this case, pairs of jacks or better are when you start to receive a payout.

Yet the beauty of Jacks or Better Multihand is that you don’t just play one hand at once. You can select the size of your bet (from $0.01, to $1 per bet) and the number of hands you want to play at once (three, ten or 52). This means you can wager from as little as 3 coins per hand, up to a massive 260 coins on 52 hands at $1 per bet.

Online Poker Jacks or Better Multihand
Online Poker Jacks or better Multi Hand

After you have made your bet you are dealt five cards and have to select which ones (if any) to keep, remembering you need to hit pairs of jacks or better to win. All other hands you have bet on (3, 10 or 52) share the same cards you elect to keep and then when you have hit the draw button, each of your hands is drawn cards at random.

Those that win are highlighted in white, those that lose are greyed out, making it easy to see which of your hands have proved to be a winner.

Online poker fans will love how quickly this game progresses and with the ability to scale your play from playing for a few cents each hand, up to hundreds of coins, it is suited to those who prefer micro stakes or high roller wagering too.

Jacks or Better Multihand is not just one of the fastest online casino games you will play, but also one of the most fun and enjoyable, so if you are a poker fan, why not deal yourself in for a hand or two today?

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